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Millionaire dating secrets: How to get a Wealthy man to Marry you

Everyone wants money, no matter what they tell you. More so for the ladies. It’s a big pain to date a broke man, unless you are making him your project, something you might regret very soon. I am a man and I know it, when you are broke your spirits are down and a woman is the last thing in your mind. A man’s most important thing is his mission, what he really feels like doing and seldom will that be a woman. It must be something greater than just mere companionship.

Getting a rich man when everybody is looking for one can be a bit difficult. There is no shortage of beautiful, good women looking for that knight in shining armor. To land the rich dude who live in the leafy suburbs and drives a Maybach might require some few skills on your part to make you stand out.

Be realistic, love is not money
If all you are looking for in a guy is money, you are better off robbing him


If there is no love, no romance, no spark in the relationship, you are wasting your time. A man who has so many girls swooning over him for his assets can spot a gold digger a mile off. He might just play on, use and dump you. Be honest about your feelings otherwise work hard in school, get an MBA and make it big on yourself.
Pamper him rotten
Most rich men are used to being treated like royalty. Some actually crave it. If he can’t get good treatment from you, he will get it from someone else, it’s just a matter of time and more dates.

Show respect for him and his property.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, you work hard for it. You share it with people who deserve it, not conceited girls who think their cheap lipstick can buy their way into a millionaires mansion. Do not suck up to them either, just treat them plain good, not overdoing it, not stooping too low. Middle is the way!

Forget about commitment
Men hate commitment, especially when it’s forced on us. All we do is to achieve freedom. If you are only interested in knowing where the relationship is going instead of paying attention to the relationship, being in the present always, you can’t win. Be indispensable to him and he will be the one going on one knee, the way it’s supposed to be.

Have some respect for yourself

Just because he is rich and you are not, doesn’t make you a doormat. Don’t make yourself one. It’s good to have a girl laughing at your jokes, if they are funny, if they are not, you just have low self esteem. If you are just kissing up to a rich dude it will show up. He won’t want you then. We only pursue that which retreats from us. It’s a universal law of attraction. Set high standards for yourself and stick to them.

Learn some of the thing he loves doing

Most rich men are highly intelligent, a good conversation would do and thats not about the latest episode of La Fuerza.  Read topics that interest him widely so you don’t come off as blonde.

Be realistic, you might not just be made for the millionaires and their lifestyle
Most women have a window period of around 15years when their sexuality is at it’s peak and they can land a great guy. After 35, chances are that you won’t be attractive as you were at 20. Don’t chase the elusive millionaires forever, you might end up old, bitter and all alone. Evaluate your looks, brains and personality to gauge whether you can really make it. If you can’t, don’t despair, we all have to tone down our ambitions at some point.

Hang out with the rich
Hang out in areas where the rich usually frequent. It might burn a hole in your pocket, or just save a damsel in distress. All you have to do is try!

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