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Dating as a Single Parent

If you are newly single, and thinking of dating again, online dating would be easier and safer as compared to going to the bar and try to meet someone new.

A recent survey has shown that when 317 single parents nationwide were quizzed on what they feel comfortable choosing: bar, church, depending on friends or choosing someone to meet via online dating, 47% people chose online dating as a safe way to get to know someone before meeting. Here are the results of what newly single parent hope to use to meet someone new:

Bar 7%
Church 33%
Friends 10%
No strategy 3%
Online dating site 47%

One of the big questions when dating as a single parent is: When do I introduce the children when beginning a  long-term relationship? The answer to that will depend on how strong your relationship has become with that special someone.

Before you do introduce the new beau to your children, prepare them well ahead in time that they will be introduced to someone before giving them a shock of introducing out of the blue.

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