Can You Find Sugar Mummies in Kenya: A Guide to Help You Get One

The hottest topic among the youth today must be where to find sugar mummies. Looks like every other guy out there is interested in getting easy cash. You meet a woman, you service her and she gives you the cash.

The most surprising thing is that even the women are comfortable with their man dating an older woman so long as he brings home the bread. Talk about tough times calling for tough decisions.

Now I have nothing against guys having to get creative about ways to earn an extra shilling. I am of the school of thought that adults should be allowed to use their bodies as they deem fit. As resources or otherwise. I am even going to show you how to get one.

For one you need to hang out where they can be found. Volunteer works, workshops and the like. You are sure to meet lots of older women out there. If you show interest in what they are doing you will get closer to them.

Weddings are other great places you can meet older women. The mood is always right. Everybody is happy and this might help you in nailing.

Upmarket bars and cafes might be other great places you can get your sugar mummy. Since they are rich you don’t expect to get them at a dingy joint in River Road.

Hook up events are other ways of getting them cougars. Though they are mostly expensive, you might get your moneys worth. Attend one and try your luck out there.

How to Nail Her

Confidence will always take you everywhere. Don’t hesitate to approach her. A few compliments here and there. Remember what Chris Rock said; women need three things to survive. Food, water and compliments. Sometimes older women rarely get this and might have forgotten how sweet some words sound. Remind them.

Be the perfect gentleman. Women at this age have gone past the ‘I love bad boys stage’. Be well groomed, no sagging jeans. In short look good.

Older women always know what they are looking for so you might not geat a hard time.

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5 thoughts on “Can You Find Sugar Mummies in Kenya: A Guide to Help You Get One

  1. sibusiso

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  2. Shaun Chetty

    Hi I’m Shaun 39 from South Africa Durban looking for a sweet adorable sexy sugar mummy with a great personality, I’ve been thru a lot and I would like to honestly meet a someone for something serious and long. If theres a opportunity for someone. PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECTLY OR WHATSAPP willing to change my place of home and make sure that you are well treated and taken care of physically and intimately


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